Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Zero.

Recently took part in session zero of an upcoming campaign I will be playing in. We’re playing with two brand new players, which is very exciting. Both did not roll very optimized characters, which is also exciting. Keeps things interesting, can make for better role play.

One player rolled a scourge aasimar wild surge sorcerer named Pheliame. Racial bonuses don’t quite match the class, but she wanted to be six feet tall and ripped, and she liked how the sorcerer class sounded. So, it is a perfect fit!

The other new player rolled a dragonborn barbarian, Caluskane of The Iron Oath, and took the criminal background. He decided that when he left his clan to prove himself, he got into hunting down elvish slavers in the like. This made him an outlaw, a man(elf)-hunter. Lot of bad elves in this setting, so it works and it’s creative.

The other two players are me and another friend with experience. He will be playing a half elf phoenix sorcerer (Two sorcerers! Imagine all the fireballs!), Corros. I will be playing a halfling gunsmith artificer by the name of Hending. The artificer class put out by Unearthed Arcana (and now on the DMs’ Guild) looks iffy, but I’m going to give it a shot. There’s a lot of utility in this class, even as a gunsmith, which is what I am all about.

We’re playing in our DM’s homebrew setting, Maelstragg. It is a world of wicked elves, unknown monstrosities, hidden cults, and arcane secrets. The whole of the material plane is slowly getting sucked down into and massive maelstrom, like the drain in the tub. I’m excited about the whole ordeal. We hopefully start playing this week, with our characters meeting in Oakhurst (yes, that Oakhurst 😉 ).

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