NPC Design. Part One.

One of the crucial things about world-building and making your setting come alive is creating believable yet memorable non-player characters. When it’s just you acting out and designing the plethora of characters your adventuring party may come across, making them all individuals takes a bit of extra thought. It might feel like extra work at… Continue reading NPC Design. Part One.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Sessions Three & Four.

A thunderous boom cut through the sounds of battle, silencing the ancient cave. Hending stood upright with Bouncer, his thunder cannon, in hand. A yellow wisp of smoked trailed upwards from the barrel. "Belak!" he bellowed. Goblins surged forth from the darkness, armed with the intent to kill. A deep growl and plume of flame shot forth from… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Sessions Three & Four.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Two.

Not much time to write, I should be mapping. We've made it down to The Sunless Citadel. Some kobolds down here seem to have misplaced their wyrmling. Corros was able to strike a deal with them. The help us find who we're after and we'll bring them their dragon back. Kobold guide says there's goblins… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Two.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session One.

We finally arrived in Oakhurst today. I don't think our employer, Pheliame, likes Corros and I very much. Corros is used to people not liking him very much, what because of his ears and all that, but I, for one, am a bit put off by it. I think I am quite likable. Nevertheless,  a… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session One.