Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session One.

We finally arrived in Oakhurst today. I don’t think our employer, Pheliame, likes Corros and I very much. Corros is used to people not liking him very much, what because of his ears and all that, but I, for one, am a bit put off by it. I think I am quite likable.

Nevertheless,  a job is a job and we will see it through. Turns out an old friend of Pheliame, something Hucrele, sent her a letter requesting aid recently. Her kids seem to be the adventuring type.

The adventuring type that gets itself in trouble.

They and a couple of companions went to this awful sounding place called The Sunless Citadel and have not returned since. Sounds like a knight of some sort was amongst them! I should very much like to meet this man, Sir Braford. The other goes by the name Karakas. The names some people come up with these days!

There was a pleasant enough inn in town by the name of the Ol’ Boar Inn. Food was alright, though an odd selection. Speaking of odd selection, we met the most paranoid of dragonborns there. Overheard him talking to the innkeep, something about trying to follow some guy into The Sunless Citadel.

After some… let’s say awkward observation, we managed to have a conversation with this man. Caluskane of the Iron Oath, he says his name is. Seems to go by Calus as well.

We convinced him to travel with us, which he seems content to do until his goals are met. Pheliame gave the okay, and so it shall be. We all meet tomorrow morning at dawn, at the shrine in town. I won’t sleep much tonight. Need to tinker with Bouncer, make sure she’s ready for whatever’s ahead.

                     -Hending Mornmist


First session went well! Corros and I were able to help the other two novice players through with rules and everything so the novice DM could focus on her half of the screen. Pheliame seems to be slowly getting the hang of it, I don’t know if she quite gets it yet. I am sure, however, that things will click eventually. Calus is stoked as all get-out to play! He’s very good at thinking in character. In fact, he’s doing a better job at giving his character personality at this point than I am.

We ended the session just inside The Sunless Citadel. Fought some twig blights on the way there, which were easily dispatched of thanks to burning hands and control flames. We knocked one out and tied it down to examine it a bit more before burning it too. I fired one shot off the whole encounter, and (loudly) missed.

It’s. Fine.

We all seemed to have fun, and are all excited for next week. The DM told me that things got way easier for her after we got going a little bit. She was really nervous before the session, but now she is excited to do it again. Tells me that this opening a whole new part of the game to her.

I couldn’t agree more.


I don’t own any Sunless Citadel rights. The names, locations, non-player characters, etc. of the adventure are not mine. They belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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