Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Two.

Not much time to write, I should be mapping.

We’ve made it down to The Sunless Citadel. Some kobolds down here seem to have misplaced their wyrmling. Corros was able to strike a deal with them. The help us find who we’re after and we’ll bring them their dragon back.

Kobold guide says there’s goblins ahead, gotta go.



Things are going well so far, not much to report this time around. Pheliame was sick and unable to attend this time, but it sounds like she still is wanting to play. Calus is still super into it.

He asks a lot of questions that I wouldn’t normally think of! It’s good to play with new people for that reason. And I don’t mean people new to the game like I happen to be playing with. I mean it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and play with people you don’t normally play with.


I don’t own any Sunless Citadel rights. The names, locations, non-player characters, etc. of the adventure are not mine. They belong to Wizards of the Coast.


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