Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Sessions Three & Four.

A thunderous boom cut through the sounds of battle, silencing the ancient cave. Hending stood upright with Bouncer, his thunder cannon, in hand. A yellow wisp of smoked trailed upwards from the barrel.

“Belak!” he bellowed.

Goblins surged forth from the darkness, armed with the intent to kill. A deep growl and plume of flame shot forth from Caluskane, the red glimmering flames lighting the chamber briefly. Not one goblin stood by the time darkness descended once again.

“Belak!” Calus roared. His voice sounded more dragon than man. Licks of flame still darted out around his mouth and nostrils.

Dead silence filled the cave. A dilapidated voice slowly crept out of the darkness.

“Come then, adventurers.”


After some minor diplomacy, a near death experience for Hending, and a decisive victory over a hobgoblin and a goblin priestess, we have finally reached the ultimate chamber of the dungeon. Next session we brave Belak and the Gulthias Tree. It’s going to be a tough fight.

I’m trying to not go too heavily into details since this isn’t a homebrew dungeon. Don’t want to spoil too much, and those of you who have read/played/ran The Sunless Citadel I think will still have a rough idea of what’s going on.

Maybe I’ll ask my DM if she wants to write a guest post on running the adventure. How she prepped, what she changed, plans for it to have a lasting impact on her homebrew game, etc.

Anywho, the other day I was thinking and realized I haven’t written about who my character really is yet. So, here goes.

Hending Mil Mornmist is a stout halfling. At the start of the Maelstragg campaign, he is 97 years old. He grew up in the sprawling metropolis of Fen’Sygrid, where he was apprenticed at a young age to a metallurgy guild.

Hending was a natural. He quickly worked his up in the guild, becoming one of the youngest masters the guild has ever seen. Always wanting to push himself and his field to new limits, he soon became interested in artificing.

Success, however, can be a double-edged sword. Others grew jealous of his success. One artificer (I did not name this character so I would not know their name at all in game or in life. You’ll see why.) in particular became a continuous rival to Hending. This artificer would constantly try to sabotage and outdo Hending, rarely to any avail.

That is, until one day about thirty years ago from the start of the campaign. By means completely unknown to Hending, his rival managed to poison his mind. Not only does Hending no longer have any memory of this rival or rivalry (or any family or friends he made of had), he has a form of long-term madness.

Hending is thoroughly convinced that a powerful cult is hunting him down. The fictional Cult of the Hellion has agents everywhere, and they seek to do harm to Hending. Or so he believes.

Fearing for his life, Hending fled from Fen’Sygrid. He worked for decades as an adventurer and mercenary, never staying in one place for long.

About a decade ago Hending met Corros in a dwarven port. What was left of the old Hending had sympathy for Corros and his situation. Because of this, Hending found himself able to trust this man. The two of them have worked together ever since, becoming like brothers to one another.

Right now, Hending is Chaotic Neutral. Should the party ever cure his madness, he’ll return to Lawful Good and his new flaw will be his competitiveness (as opposed to his madness).

I’m excited to see what the DM comes up with this. It’s cool not knowing who out there might have known me in my past life, or who my rival truly is.

I think the most interesting character backstories always have unfinished business, unanswered questions. Life isn’t neat and tidy, it’s full of loose ends and mysteries.


I don’t own any Sunless Citadel rights. The names, locations, non-player characters, etc. of the adventure are not mine. They belong to Wizards of the Coast.

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