DM Diary: ToA. Session One.

Our Player Characters so far: Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger Strom Nimmo, the Human Rogue Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard   Session one went well! Upon crash landing in the forests of Chult (see my session zero post), about four days away from Port Nyanzaru, Strom and Honeygraham were greeted by a ghoul and… Continue reading DM Diary: ToA. Session One.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Five.

I have never been more happy to have a stay in a small town inn like this one than I am now. Anything is better than that blasted citadel! I'm a city man, through and through. And it's hard to bring the comforts of the city on the road. Yondalla knows I've tried, and Corros has… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Five.

DM Diary: ToA. Session Zero.

This week I will be hosting a session zero for the upcoming campaign I am running. We will be running through The Tomb of Annihilation! And I will be setting it in my homebrew world of Anacronis. While this will be a singular post, I’m going to write it in two separate halves. Before the… Continue reading DM Diary: ToA. Session Zero.