Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Five.

I have never been more happy to have a stay in a small town inn like this one than I am now. Anything is better than that blasted citadel! I’m a city man, through and through. And it’s hard to bring the comforts of the city on the road. Yondalla knows I’ve tried, and Corros has teased me for it.

Belak is dead, his head with Callus. Sir Braford and Sharwin are both resting in the local chapel. It seems something still ails them. Pheliame seems to want Corros and I to find I way to cure them. Callus seems to want to head off on his own way now, off to collect his bounty.

Oh! I did manage to speak briefly with Sir Braford. He’s not quite what I had expected. A touch more… rural than I had imagined. I am intrigued to learn more of him once we cure him.



And so Belak met his end and we managed to escape, all while staying in the good graces of the local kobolds.

As of right now, it is unclear when the campaign will continue. Callus will no longer be able to play due to personal reasons, so that would leave just me and Corros as players. I think we would all be down to play just the three of us, but it might be best to wait until we find a new player. One of the best parts about the game, I think, is playing with a group of people and working together.

The DM definitely wants to continue the campaign, either way. She is excited about the story she’s starting to form, and is starting to get more comfortable behind the screen.

So, who knows what we’ll do. In the mean time I will have my biweekly Tomb of Annihilation to run, starting next week. I have also been learning a new tabletop rpg, the Burning Wheel, which I’m very excited about.

When the Maelstragg campaign eventually resumes, so will the diary posts for it.


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