DM Diary: ToA. Session One.

Our Player Characters so far:

  • Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger
  • Strom Nimmo, the Human Rogue
  • Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard


Session one went well! Upon crash landing in the forests of Chult (see my session zero post), about four days away from Port Nyanzaru, Strom and Honeygraham were greeted by a ghoul and its three zombie minions. The fight seemed fairly under control at first, especially since a batiri goblin, Loot, joined the fight against the undead.

It became fairly obvious quickly to Strom and Loot that Honey didn’t have much experience fighting. After letting herself get surrounded, she let loose several loud thunder-based spells against the zombies. Just as Loot was about to kill one of the last undead abominations, a pair of velociraptors burst into the clearing. Honey had time to heal herself, but Strom came out of the fight with a few nasty wounds.

By the end of the battle it was clear that Loot would be an invaluable ally, having lived in Chult his entire life. Strom and Honey convinced him to round out their small group for now, and Loot lead the way to Port Nyanzaru.

Once finally safe in the city, the party saw to finding a place to stay and tend their wounds. While an acolyte of Celestian, Eshek, bandaged Strom, something came over him. His eyes glossed over and he told Strom, basically, to seek out wisdom and aid from the guardian in Orolunga, and then collapsed.

After coming to, he agreed to introduce the party to his friend and priestess of Pholtus, Undril Silvertusk. She was looking to join an expedition to Camp Vengeance, which lays in the direction the party must go. Undril told them that if they were to help her, The Order of the Blue Rose would be able to help them get to Orolunga in return.

The party was able to raise enough funds for a canoe via betting on the dinosaur races and collecting a debt for one of the bookies. Next session they will find a guide and begin their trek south along the River Soshentar.

All in all I would say it was a pretty good first session. Productive and, most importantly, everyone seemed to have fun. I feel, however, I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been. Before session two I’m going to make sure write down a cheat sheet of changes to the setting I have made. Also, it’ll also be easier to plan with a very obvious path forward. I don’t think the party will be throwing any curveballs at me yet.

I’m excited for them to travel. To see what happens if they get lost (they’ll probably stumble upon Yellyark if they do), if Undril or their guide gets killed, if they discover any rare plants or creatures. All sorts of exciting things await in Chult!

And speaking of cheat sheets, I am going to give them all a dinosaur cheat sheet so everyone is all on the same page dino-wise. Which is a dimetrodon again? If velociraptors are tiny, what are those things in Jurassic Park actually called? Yes, I think a cheat sheet will help both DM and players for this campaign.

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