DM Diary: ToA. Session Two.

Our Player Characters so far:

  • Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger
  • Stom Nimmo, the Human Rogue
  • Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard


Player death in Chult! Our lovely Honey has met her end deep in the jungle.

The session started with the party meeting all available guides in Port Nyanzaru. Strom and Honey decided that Azaka Stormfang would be the best bet. She seemed reliable and would not cost them a single copper if they agreed to aid her on her quest to Firefinger. Loot said they all taste the same in the end, and had no preference. The three of them set off the very next day, Undril and Azaka joining them.

On their way down the River Soshenstar, they sighted four quetzacoatlus flying overhead. Most of the party was able to stay still and go unnoticed easily enough, but the sun shining on Undril’s chain shirt caught the eye of one of the beasts.

It was a tricky combat encounter for the party. I wasn’t rolling too well, so the dinosaur didn’t land any big hits. Its wings, however, were what caused issues for our brave adventurers. Every time the quetzacoatlus did a dive attack, I had everyone make a DC10 Dexterity saving throw, or else get knocked from the canoe. Honey was knocked into the river, Undril was able to stick out her mace for Honey to grab on, Undril got knocked in in the river too, and started to just sink due to her chain shirt.

Honey saw what was happening, dove deeper with her. She struggled to pull off the half-orc’s armor as they both sank and Undril panicked, until…

Honey was able to get it off of her just as Strom killed the dinosaur, sending it crashing into the canoe.

By foot they reached Camp Vengeance, and camped for the night. The decided to avoid the ancient ruins there, heading Undril’s warnings. A small group of Fire Ant Tribe goblins have started following the party from this point forward. They haven’t attacked because another Batiri is with the party, so for now they just follow. I think a confrontation will make for a good moral dilemma later for Loot to face.

The party reached Camp Vengeance, and agreed to go investigate Mbala in exchange for help reaching Orolunga. So far they have dealt solely with Sister Cyas, a nun of The Path of Light (changed for my setting). They will probably meet Commander Niles Breakbone next session.

In Mbala they met Nanny Pu’pu, an odd old woman claiming to be the ancient guardian of Mbala, and the sole survivor of a pterafolk attack on the village. She promised to teleport the party to Orolunga and even cheat the death curse for them, bringing any them back to life should they fall. In return, all she wanted were toenail clippings from the commander in Camp Vengeance and a scale from someone name Saja N’baza in Orolunga.

On the way back they encountered on dark robed man with pallid, coarse skin who called himself Boris. He offered a deal that Strom took. In return for a magical robe, The Robe of Eyes, Boris would want a favor one day. When Strom shook his hand, Boris stuck him with a gom jobbar. A small black dot is now set in our rogue’s forearm. I’m not sure how I will bring this into play later… Maybe if they ever meet Valindra she will recognize the work of a priest of Charybdis.

Upon returning to the camp the party met a woman named Eku, a friend of Sister Cyas, who urged them to go with her right then to slay Nanny Pu’pu and put an end to her evil. In return she would personally introduce them to Saja N’baza. Azaka has not liked the idea of another guide joining the group. She will stay in Camp Vengeance until after the party is done with their business in Orolunga. She will then take them to Firefinger, so they can fulfill their part of the bargain. Honey was the only one who actually agreed to her plan, so I’m not sure how it will shake out.

The battle in Mbala was fierce. Loot had decided to not go at first, but ultimately followed behind and jumped in the battle part way through. It was our party, three tribal warriors, and soldier of The Order of the Blue Rose (guard stat block) engaged Nanny Pu’pu and her flesh golem. The warriors and soldier all fought very bravely but, in the end, were all killed in action. I am convinced that it through their sacrifice the party eventually won.

Or did they? When Pu’pu was brought down to just one hit point remaining, she turned herself invisible and fled. Perhaps she’ll ally herself with a certain group of goblins…

Her flesh golem fought on after her departure. Strom and Loot were to far away when it moved over to an already unconscious Honey. And, well,

They returned to camp, the evil in Mbala successfully beaten back and witch’s hut razed. A token funeral was held for the fallen, and the characters fell into a restless slumber.

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