DM Diary: ToA. Session 5.

Our Player Characters so far:

  • Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger
  • Stom Nimmo, the Human Rogue
  • Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard
  • Mikael Delmirev, the Blue Dragonborn Paladin
  • Chester Potts, the Human Warlock
  • Chedomir, the Fallen Aasimar Bard


A new player has arrived in Chult! A friend of ours who goes to school in Chicago is in town for the holidays. Once he heads back to Chicago, we will use Discord to keep him in the game. He plays Chedomir.

Also, Mikael died, Hextor forgive him. His player will be taking up the role of Chester, the recently concussed warlock and adventuring companion of Chedomir.

Loot killed the goblin boss, Yokka, and told Yokka’s lackeys to go spread word of Loot’s strength. Yokka was trying to kill the party and recruit Loot for the Fire Ant tribe queen’s army. He revealed the she plans to march to Omu and take it over for herself! He did not mention of a certain witch who is now advising the queen…

The party plans to head to Kir Sabal next. That is, if they find a way around the zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex that chased them right back up Firefinger. Such is life for adventurers in Chult!

Short post for this week. I write this before Christmas, and the season has kept me pretty busy at the day job. More to come on foreshadowing!


And, in case you missed it, I recently had a short story published in Swords and Sorcery Magazine. You can read it here.

Which reminds me, I have editing to do! Merry Christmas!


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