DM Diary: ToA. Session 6.

Our Player Characters so far:

  • Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger
  • Stom Nimmo, the Human Rogue
  • Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard
  • Mikael Delmirev, the Blue Dragonborn Paladin
  • Chester Potts, the Human Warlock
  • Chedomir, the Fallen Aasimar Bard


The players slay a zombie t-rex, Undril and another Order of the Blue Rose companion die, Artus flees with Dragonbait at his side, Azaka is eaten and later carves her way out atop a zombie. All in the first fight.

And yes, Artus fled. He got magically frightened, and after realizing he quit the field he fled home to Mezro. Artus needs time to better himself and work out some stuff he has going on before returning to the adventurers he believe he let down.

Then, after crossing Ataaz Muhahah and passing Needle’s Bones, the party arrived before Kir Sabal.

Next session the party will learn some big picture stuff amongst the Aarakocra, and then Kir Sabal will be attacked by frost giants! They found out Artus was with the party, and tracked them to the Aarakocra town. Will the players dare to try and fight their way out, or will more diplomatic methods prevail?

Either way, some blood shed will probably be involved with this party. Lookin’ at you, Loot.

So, big picture stuff.

As you might recall, this whole adventure started by the (then) party traveling to New Pelroy to get teleported with all sorts of other adventurers to Chult to go end the death curse. The high wizard gets assassinated, spell goes awry, shit hits the gust cantrip.

And something you don’t know, but is relevant. When Pelroy’s Beacon fell, the last of the Pelroy bloodline (the bloodline chosen by gods to rule) was believed to have been slain. No Pelroy has ever actually set foot in New Pelroy.

The final king, however, did have one son. Theodore Rian Pelroy was sent away due to the crime of having a servant girl as a wife. The final king may have loved the woman, but couldn’t risk such a scandal back in those tumultuous times.

Theodore was sent away to the remote island of Chult, where a different, non-competitive royal family could raise the boy.

Generations later, Theodore Rian Pelroy III now goes by the name Na and is tucked away in Kir Sabal, under the protection of the Aarakocra and Mwaxanare,

I have some plans alternative to the book for Mwaxanare too, but I’ll save that for some other time. This next section will be about Na, and the frost giant attack.

One thing I’m particularly excited for is figuring out the residing king’s motivations and overall plan. I’ll write a blog post of its own later this week, I like talking about character motivations. I think a whole post on what could motivate the villains in your world would be fun to write. And, hopefully, useful for others!

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