Adventure Hooks

Need an adventure hook for an unexpected session? Are your players looking for a side quest? Not sure how to start the next campaign or one-shot? Then you’ve come to the right place!

On this page I will be compiling a list of short little adventure hooks. Feel free to use them however and wherever you want. They will not be system specific, or really much of anything specific. Just a jumping off point for you and your players! Enjoy!


  1. A shipwreck has appeared overnight in the middle of the desert, turning the sand all around it to glass.
  2. Lightning strikes have become almost commonplace in the slums of the city, usually hitting beggars and the like.
  3. A famous thieves’ guild is declared dead by the city watch. The very next week, a new church is founded in the same city.
  4. A wandering ronin has arrived in a nearby village. Word is that he has vowed to give a mysterious treasure to whomever can defeat him in contest of combat and acrobatics.
  5. Long ago, an ancient order of paladins left to far off lands for reasons unknown. Only the oldest generation alive remembers their presence. Many believe the order to be fiction. That is, until a large force of paladins came to the region. They claim to be the very same order, only, they sure don’t look the same…
  6. A medusa is loose in the city. This medusa, however, is cursed by a mad wizard. Instead of turning people to stone, it turns statues into living beings of flesh in bone.
  7. An artificer plans to attack a merchant prince’s villa and rob it with her new pets. Her new pets are bullettes with lasers attached to their heads.
  8. The mayor has a set of dragon wings on display in the town hall, a trophy of his father’s. A gnome woman has come to town announcing herself to be said dragon, and demands her wings back.
  9. The totem pole in the center of town moved five feet last night. There are no signs of mischief. Did the pole move, or did town?
  10. A disheveled man pushes through the crowded street and grabs one player by his lapels. “The best way to gold is down, and to hearts is up. Go West!” he says before collapsing. Upon waking up he has no recollection of the encounter.
  11. A child has disappeared. The walls of his bedroom are covered with hastily made etchings resembling eyes and writhing tentacle masses. All of the furniture is untouched, and there is no blood or other sign of struggle.
  12. An entire district of the city is being held hostage by a mad wizard/baker and his army of golems who may or may not be made of gingerbread.