DM Diary: ToA. Sessions 3 & 4.

Our Player Characters so far: Loot, the Batiri Goblin Ranger Stom Nimmo, the Human Rogue Honeygraham Timbers, the Forest Gnome Bard Mikael Delmirev, the Blue Dragonborn Paladin   After learning of Ras Nsi and the lost city of Omu from Saja N’baza in Orolunga, our intrepid heroes returned to Camp Vengeance only to set right… Continue reading DM Diary: ToA. Sessions 3 & 4.

NPC Design. Part One.

One of the crucial things about world-building and making your setting come alive is creating believable yet memorable non-player characters. When it’s just you acting out and designing the plethora of characters your adventuring party may come across, making them all individuals takes a bit of extra thought. It might feel like extra work at… Continue reading NPC Design. Part One.