Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Five.

I have never been more happy to have a stay in a small town inn like this one than I am now. Anything is better than that blasted citadel! I'm a city man, through and through. And it's hard to bring the comforts of the city on the road. Yondalla knows I've tried, and Corros has… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Five.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Sessions Three & Four.

A thunderous boom cut through the sounds of battle, silencing the ancient cave. Hending stood upright with Bouncer, his thunder cannon, in hand. A yellow wisp of smoked trailed upwards from the barrel. "Belak!" he bellowed. Goblins surged forth from the darkness, armed with the intent to kill. A deep growl and plume of flame shot forth from… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Sessions Three & Four.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Two.

Not much time to write, I should be mapping. We've made it down to The Sunless Citadel. Some kobolds down here seem to have misplaced their wyrmling. Corros was able to strike a deal with them. The help us find who we're after and we'll bring them their dragon back. Kobold guide says there's goblins… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Two.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session One.

We finally arrived in Oakhurst today. I don't think our employer, Pheliame, likes Corros and I very much. Corros is used to people not liking him very much, what because of his ears and all that, but I, for one, am a bit put off by it. I think I am quite likable. Nevertheless,  a… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session One.

Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Zero.

Recently took part in session zero of an upcoming campaign I will be playing in. We're playing with two brand new players, which is very exciting. Both did not roll very optimized characters, which is also exciting. Keeps things interesting, can make for better role play. One player rolled a scourge aasimar wild surge sorcerer named… Continue reading Campaign Diary: Maelstragg. Session Zero.